Dynamic Test Systems

Electro-Hydraulic Automotive Component Validation and Test System

Our client was developing a windshield wiper fluid heater and required a mid-development laboratory hydraulic test stand to validate various development changes to a prototype part.

The test system stores and delivers test fluid (washer fluid) to the device under test (DUT). Pressure, flow and temperature of the fluid are regulated and monitored. Heated fluid is cooled by the test stand and returned to the storage tank.

The quiescent and operating currents and voltages of the DUT are monitored, and a programmable DC power supply simulates vehicle battery voltage.

The complete system is controlled using National Instruments hardware and custom software written in LabView.


The software capability includes report generation to a local color printer.

Automotive Accessory Heater Test & Development System

This client required a test system to validate pre-production automotive heater components.


The engine-accessory DUT is driven by a variable speed AC motor mounted on the base of the test stand, via a serpentine belt.

Comprehensive data measurement of the part is conducted, including multiple flow meters, precision temperature and pressure, voltages and current, and CAN communication.


The system includes a portable heating and cooling module that simulates an engine’s cooling system.                                                                                                   

High Speed Motor / Gear-Motor (Windshield Wiper Motor) Test System

This client required a flexible test system that could accommodate multiple configurations of motor or gear-motor.

The test system incorporates two test fixtures monitored and operated by a single control system.


Each fixture includes a Hyseresis Brake, high-speed servomotor, two in-line torque transducers, and speed measurement.

The fixtures are equipped with quick change DUT tooling, and guarding in case of component failure.

Trico Wiper Motor Tester2
Trico Wiper Motor Tester2
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Trico Wiper Motor Tester3
Trico Wiper Motor Tester3
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High Speed Door and Seat Test Systems

Puritan has designed and built seat test systems for both production and research activities.


This Tier 1 Automotive Component manufacturer required door and seat test systems for operation in climatic chambers and in compliance with rigorous OEM test standards.

The seat tester required an SAE Butt Form to be oscillated in three axes at very high frequency.


Cutting-edge precision linear motors were utilized, equipped with torque transducers and laser measurements devices.

The system is equipped with retractable hydraulic casters for maneuverability, a work surface to accommodate single and bench seating, and a portable chiller to condition motor temperature.

Sun Visor Durability Test Machine

•   Lab Test Cell for  Automotive Sun Visor

•   Horizontal and Vertical Swing

•   LabView Software

•   Durability Testing

•   Force and position

•   Servo Actuation

•   Temp Rating -40C to 90C

High Speed Roller Fatigue Test System (Cam Lobe)

This Tier 1 supplier required a laboratory-grade test system to evaluate the performance of various bearing designs and configurations.

The test system utilizes a 8,000 RPM servomotor that carries a spindle and chuck assembly to drive the DUT.


A 2300 PSI hydraulic power pack equipped with an electronic pressure control system, provides hydraulic pressure to three linear slides.

The linear slides carry precision rollers that apply lateral force - 120 degrees apart - to the DUT. Application force is calculated, monitored and controlled by fluid pressure measurement and cylinder cross section area.

The system includes bearing lubrication, misting abatement, and front-end controls utilizing National Instruments hardware and LabView.

Cam Lobe Test Machine 3
Cam Lobe Test Machine 3
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Cam Lobe Test Machine 2
Cam Lobe Test Machine 2
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Cam Lobe Test Machine 1
Cam Lobe Test Machine 1
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High Speed Dual-Door Latch Test System (Climatic Chamber-rated)

Puritan has designed and built several test systems for testing door latches. The machine shown provides two simulated door masses that carry the latch assembly being tested.

The machine tooling operates the internal and external latch levers and lift-pulls, as well as the articulation of the doors.


Latch velocity and rate-of-change of velocity are measured by accelerometers mounted on the simulated doors.


All latch levers are also equipped with load cells and torque transducers where necessary.

Electric Power-assisted Steering Module Test System

Often, an ECU or body control module requires the simulation of the surrounding conditions to effectively test the device.

In the case of this 42-volt Electric PAS (EPAS) system, test fixturing was designed that incorporated the various steering components, including a Hysterisis Brake that simulated the resistive load of the steering wheel.

The actual device under test (DUT) was the electronic body module (not shown and remotely mounted in a climatic oven) that controlled the steering system.

The peripheral equipment stimulated the module using real vehicle components.

Production Seat Recline Test System

This client required a off-line audit machine that could test the recline functionality of both driver- and passenger-side seats (frame). Tooling for the test system was therefore ambidextrous.

The machine is equipped with encoders to identify and measure the recline-lock positions and associated angles.

The test sequence is displayed on the monitor and provides simple prompting to the operator that can be acknowledged and advanced using a simple foot switch.

National Instruments hardware and LabView software are incorporated into this test system.

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