Semi-Automated Assembly

Fully-Automated Assembly

Dial Tables

Work Cells

Manual Assembly Lines

Pure Precision: Idea to Machine

Puritan Automation specializes in two key areas of expertise: Assembly Equipment and Custom Test Machinery.  Our creations include :​

Assembly Machines & Automation

  • Fully-automated assembly machines

    • Electrical Connector Assembly​

    • Coolant & Fuel Line Assembly & EOL Test

  • Semi-automated Assembly Machines

  • Individual Work Cells

  • Rotary assembly tables (Dial Tables)

  • Full Production Lines


We design and build customized solutions for automated assembly and test, with a wealth of in-house working knowledge of robotics, vision, sensing, laser applications, linear actuators and label and ink applications.  We have utilized these types of technology in testing applications as well as production assembly and test installations.

Testing Machines & Equipment

  • Production Test Machines

  • Gauging

  • Part-Present / Vision

  • Leak Testing

  • Mechanical Functional Test

  • Electronic Functional Test

  • Resonance and Harmonics

  • Laboratory Test Machines


  • Seat Mechanisms

  • Visor and Interior Components

  • Window & Door Testing

  • Sunroof Testing

  • Dynamometers & Rolling Roads

  • Spin Testers

  • Dynamic Component Testing

Connector Assembly
Connector Assembly
Fuel Line Assy & Test
Fuel Line Assy & Test
Door Latch Tester
Door Latch Tester
Connector Assy
Connector Assy
Door Latch Tester
Door Latch Tester
Power-Steering Tester
Power-Steering Tester
Chassis Dynamometer
Chassis Dynamometer
Seat Recline Tester
Seat Recline Tester

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