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PURITAN designs, builds, and integrates custom assembly and automation systems, creating each one using multiple assembly processes and often integrating end-of-line testing.


Because each system implements a unique manufacturing process, addressing our customer's needs and specifications, we have developed experience in numerous areas:


Manual Assembly

  • stationary tooling fixtures

  • single station assembly

  • multi-station work cells


Below are a few examples of equipment built for the world's leading manufacturers:


Cooling Module Manual Assembly Line

This European client with manufacturing facilities in Michigan required a turnkey manual assembly line to produce a large truck component requiring lift-assist capabilities during the assembly process.

The line was equipped with fourteen workstations that accommodated many assembly processes including multiple Screw Insertion stations utilizing power screwdrivers.

The line also includes a Fluid Fill Station and EOL Test System designed and built by PURITAN that tests the function of the final assembly.

This client commissioned us to design and build six assembly or test systems for various products that it manufactures.

Fuel Line Connector Insertion Machine With Leak Test Capability

This Japanese client purchases multiple assembly and testing machines from PURITAN.


The systems built for this client range from highly complicated dial table machines to simple secondary operation systems, such as the one shown here.

This manual machine simply installs a fuel line connector using a manual press and then performs an automated leak test prior to the removal of the assembly.

This client’s standard machine builder specifications call for adjustable-height machines and this application utilized a SRS crank adjustable table as the base of the machine.

bling croppedh_edited.jpg

Multi Station GM Roll-Over-Valve Work Cell

This customer required a low volume and economical Assembly & Test Work Cell to produce and final test an automotive roll-over-valve.

The work cell included four stations that performed the following processes:

Station #1: O-Ring installation

Station #2: partial assembly flow test

Station #3: press assembly

Station #4: ginal assembly & leak test

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