Production Test Systems

Today, most assembly machines include test stations and fixtures throughout the assembly process. Final test often includes mechanical actuation of a part,  leak testing of a chamber or hose assembly, stress testing or checking for the presence of various components that make up the finished assembly.

Puritan has been building Production equipment for nearly fifty years, tailoring our designs to accommodate the new and ever-changing philosophies and principles of assembly and production-test. Some  examples of our design and build capabilities can be seen below:

Wash Fluid Heater EOL Test System

  • Simulated ‘in-vehicle’ Operation

  • Programmable PSU to simulate ‘dying’ battery

  • Good/Bad Part determination

  • Barcode reader / Audit

  • Uplink to facility MIS system

  • Leak Test

  • Leakage Current Test

  • Pressure / Pump Test

  • Current / Voltage draw

  • Color Recognition of Wiring

  • Fast Cycle Time

  • Manual testing of Production Seat Frame – Ambidextrous

  • Go / No-Go pass/fail determination via Precision Measurement & Test

  • Precise & traceable calibration to meet PPAP requirements

  • Intuitive Operator User Interface

  • Data Logging, Storage, & Retrieval

Seat Recline Test System (In Process Test)

  • Final sub assembly including clip & fastener insertion

  • PLC-controlled Screw feeder

  • Part Present Checking

  • Leak Test

Radiator / Shroud Sub-assembly & Test

  • 100% Functional Test of Brake Module

  • Simulated vehicle electrical conditions

  • Voltage & Current Measurement

  • Simulated brake coil (elecromagnetic) resistance

  • CAN communication check

  • Barcode reader (s/n retrieval)

  • Label printing and robotic placement of label

  • Part lockout of failed parts

Electric Trailer Brake Control Module EOL Tester

  • Gauging

  • Rolling Roads

  • Vision Systems

  • Leak Testing

  • Leak Testing

  • Mechanical Functional Test

  • Electronic Functional Test

  • Resonance and Harmonics

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