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About Us...

PURITAN AUTOMATION was founded in 1952 and has been designing and building custom machines for over 60 years. We offer a one-stop solution for manufacturers and research facilities.

We are unique because of our depth of experience. Our knowledge and expertise runs deep in manufacturing testing and automation. Our team, combined, has over a century of experience in testing and assembly. Owner Jeremy Sanger, along with General Manager Dave Pothier, have a wide range of experience in the automation and automotive industry. They have built a dedicated team of machine designers, test engineers and production research specialists.

PURITAN AUTOMATION specializes in automated assembly equipment, rolling roads, chassis dynamometers, work cells, rotary assembly tables, and production lines. We design and build customized solutions for automated assembly and testing, with a wealth of in-house working knowledge of vision, sensing, laser applications, linear actuators, robotics, and label and ink applications. We have used these technologies in testing applications as well as production assembly and test installations.

Our assembly solutions range from high-production dial-type assembly machines to manual workstations with automation. Our testing solutions run from chassis dynamometers to stand-alone test stations. 

PURITAN has internal machining and fabrication capabilities along with knowledge in application of various types of feeding systems.  We also have experience with many controls platforms. PURITAN has strategic partnerships established with controls suppliers and is able to provide custom PCBA and micro-controller programming for our testing machines.

We monitor all post-delivery equipment for robustness and reliability, and provide start up and service support as necessary for each project.

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